This document contains all the information needed to enable familiarity with the policy on cookies adopted by Mevis Spa as Controller of Data Processing.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites visited by a user will send and deposit on the user's computer or mobile device, so that they can be retransmitted to these same sites at the next visit. It is thanks to cookies that a site is able to remember the actions and preferences of the user.
There are various types of cookies, having different characteristics and functions, which can remain on the computer or mobile device of the user for different periods of time. In particular, these include:

  • session cookies: which are deleted automatically when the browser is closed;
  • persistent cookies: which remain on the user's computer or mobile device until a given expiry date.

Types of cookies used by the Site

To optimize the browsing experience of users visiting the site, we use technical cookies, i.e. those indispensable to the operation of the site or needed in order to perform activities requested by the user.
More precisely, the following types of cookies are used:
Analytical/performance cookies: cookies that allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors, and to see how visitors browse the site when using it. This helps us to improve the way the website responds and operates, for example by ensuring that users find what they are looking for without difficulty.

Cookie: _ga | Name: Google Analytics

Purpose: this is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. It monitors the use of our website and allows us to estimate the size and usage habits of our public. Certain items of information are shared with Google. You can find out more about Google Analytics on the Google website
Expiry: 2 years

Functionality cookies. These are used to recognize you whenever you return to visit this site. This enables us to tailor our content with you in mind, greet you by name and remember your preferences (for example, choice of language or geographical area).

Cookie: banner | Name: Banner
Purpose: reminds users to close the video bar
Expiry: 30 days

Cookie: cookie | Name: cookie
Purpose: reminds users to close the cookie bar
Expiry: 30 days

This site does not use "profiling cookies", i.e. those designed to create profiles relative to users and employed for the purpose of sending advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the user when browsing the web. User consent is required before this type of cookie can be activated.

Acceptance and refusal of cookies

If you wish to browse this website and do not want to allow the use of cookies (or certain types of cookie), you can block them by way of the settings on your browser or device, which enables you to refuse cookies absolutely or selectively. However, if the browser settings are used to block all cookies (including essential cookies), it could become impossible to access the website or to utilize certain of the functionalities offered by the site.
To find out more about the management of cookies, we recommend a visit to the All about Cookies website User instructions relating to your browser or device will explain how you can control the use of cookies on your equipment.


The controller of data processing may amend the content of this document at any given time. Please check this page periodically so as to keep abreast of possible amendments or updates.

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